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In Record Time, LLC

In 1994 an RVT in Richmond, Virginia was determined to find a better way to handle the hundreds of patients he was seeing on a monthly basis.  Many hours were spent generating reports by hand, compiling patient logs and statistical data for accreditation.  Hours that could be better spent on patient care and lab productivity.  Working with his brother, who had been designing custom database applications for over ten years, they developed a database application to streamline and automate the routine tasks of report generation and data compilation.  In January 1997, after 3 years of development, they founded In Record Time, LLC and introduced the Vascular Database and Surgical Registry.  Customer response was remarkable and within a few months labs across the country were using the system they developed.

The company focus has always been and will continue to be on the customer.¬† Many of the features built into today‚Äôs software were based on suggestions or needs presented by our customers.  To date, we have had three major releases of the Vascular Database and Surgical Registry.¬† As new technologies emerge, we continually strive to provide the best software available in the field today.


From Boston to Los Angeles, we are pleased to be chosen by many of the most prestigious and hardest working labs across the country. We value our customers’ feedback and continually strive to develop the most user-friendly software available for the cardiac, vascular and surgical industries.

In Record Time has been used by small private practices and larger multi-site hospital systems.  Following are just a few of the hospitals and labs who have chosen In Record Time:

Henry Ford Health System
Detroit, MI
Columbia University Medical Center
New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY
Weill Cornell Medical Center
New York Presbyterian Hospital
New York, NY
Indianapolis, IN
University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
Mt Carmel Medical Centers
East, West and St. Ann’s
Columbus, OH
Grant Hospital
Columbus, OH
Clarian Health System
Indianapolis, IN
Surgical Associates of Richmond
Richmond, VA
McLaren Regional Medical Center
Flint, MI
Michigan Cardiac and Vascular Center
Flint, MI
Atlanta Memorial Hospital
Atlanta, TX
Christ Hospital
Jersey City, NJ
Wake Forest University Medical Center
Winston-Salem, NC