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Why Choose In Record Time?
How does In Record Time! save us time and money?
The In Record Time Difference…
System Requirements
Integration and Customization is Key
DICOM Image Management
Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Research
back to topWhy Choose In Record Time?

IRT is very proud to have been chosen by some of the most prestigious and hardest working labs in the country.  IRT offers solutions to fit the needs of your organization, large and small, while offering personal attention to the individual.  Other software vendors offer standard fixed templates which may not fit with your practice.  IRT is the only company to offer customized solutions to best match your lab. 

Here are only some of the reasons why In Record Time customers have found IRT to be the best solution:

Easiest to use:  IRT software has been developed by vascular professionals who know how to make the most out of each type of testing.  The Technical Worksheet can be completed within 1 minute after the exam is performed.  Verifying the values and readying the worksheet for physician approval is a breeze.

Easiest to Review:  Reading physicians enjoy the ability to review the exam data and images all within one computer screen.  Approval of the Technical Worksheet is just one click away but is guarded with password protection.

The most flexible:  One of the greatest strengths of IRT is its flexibility.  User-defined criteria, findings, comments and disease categories allow you to tailor the program to match your protocols. You can also add your own fields to track data important to your particular lab.

One more remark about flexibility:  With the purchase of the IRT software, IRT will work with you to customize the application based on your lab requirements … at NO ADDITIONAL COST for 6 months!  As part of the purchase agreement, IRT will do all it can to make you happy with the software system and make it what you want it to be.  Annual service plans are available to keep IRT up to date as new technologies develop.

back to topHow does In Record Time! save us time and money?
  • Eliminates written technical worksheets
  • Instant access to previous exams or operation notes
  • Eliminates dictation
  • Eliminates transcription
  • Decreases manpower to compile data (i.e. Patient Log, billing info, etc...)
  • One-button access to all ICAVL reports
  • Direct and batch printing and faxing capabilities
back to topThe In Record Time Difference…

While other vascular software companies have come and gone or reorganized, In Record Time is still here and working everyday to improve our programs to meet the wants and needs of our customers.  We believe that we provide the best solutions for the vascular laboratory and surgical practice.

With In Record Time Vascular Database you can reach your full potential. 
Concentrate on quality exams and patient care, while we guide you through ICAVL¬ģ accreditation, HIPPA compliance, quality control, research, and great looking final reports by fax, email, or print.

We can guide you through ICAVL¬ģ accreditation, networking with remote connectivity, and a paperless system with affordable image management (PACS) and HL7 communication.

At In Record Time, we think that your software should assist you in how you run your lab, not force you to change based on your software.  In Record Time is the only company that will customize the database specific to your needs, and at no additional cost. 

Discover what some of the most respected and busiest laboratories in the country have learned.  The In Record Time Vascular Database, with its simple, user-friendly interface, is the easiest way to automate your vascular laboratory.  With IRT Level 10, In Record Time is leading the field to a new level.  It has never been easier to generate great looking reports, retrieve previous studies, perform QA correlations, and communicate with your hospital system with our HL7 interface.   IRT Level 10 is also HIPAA compliant.

back to topSystem Requirements

In Record Time is fully scalable to match the size of your organization.
For smaller labs, IRT can be installed on a single computer workstation or over your existing peer to peer network.  IRT can be configured to automatically back-up your data to a secure server.  As your business grows, IRT can be converted to the SQL version without losing any existing data.
For medium and larger organizations In Record Time offers a SQL version which is compatible with all versions of Microsoft’s SQL Server.  The SQL version offers the additional speed, security and reliability.

Workstation Hardware Requirements:

Personal computer with 500-megahertz (MHz) or faster processor
2 GB of RAM or greater
50 GB of minimum available hard-disk space
1024 X 768 or higher-resolution monitor
Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP) 2 or higher

SQL Version Server Requirements:
Pentium III processor 1 GHz or higher
2 GB of RAM or greater
100 MB of minimum available hard-disk space
1024 X 768 or higher-resolution monitor
Windows Server 2003 with SP1, or later operating system
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later

back to topIntegration and Customization is Key

Each organization has its own set of unique requirements. From the ordering system, PACS, Health Information System, Billing System, and Lab workflow and protocols, each lab requires a software solution that fits within their existing systems. In Record Time has developed integrated software solutions which can receive inbound patient orders and demographics, DICOM images and ultrasound data. Duplicate data entry is minimized. From our application, the reading physician can retrieve the ultrasound images with a single-click. Once the exam results are approved, IRT sends the signed report to your EMR system for permanent record retention and to your billing system for prompt payment.

IRT will work with you and your IT staff to provide the highest level of automation and integration with your existing systems. Our application is compatible with HL7 and DICOM version 3.0.

IRT will work with you to customize the application based on your lab requirements … at NO ADDITIONAL COST for 6 months! Annual service plans are available to keep IRT up to date as new technologies develop.

back to topDICOM Image Management

In Record Time has developed a unique method of linking the images from your ultrasound and PVR units to the results posted in the database. Our application can interface with your PACS system.  For a low-cost image management alternative, IRT has partnered with third party applications to provide a DICOM image server which stores and links the images for instant retrieval. This saves the technologist and physician time since there’s no need to open and navigate another application to view the images. Cine loops are handled in the same efficient manner.

back to topQuality Assurance, Accreditation and Research

With everyday use of the reporting software, you are providing all of the utilization data needed for accreditation.  IRT allows you to mark studies you want to consider for case studies.  The Quality Assurance module allows you to compare non-invasive test results with Gold Standard data and perform accuracy analysis for all the major test modalities. 

IRT can output your data in a spreadsheet format allowing complete analysis for research projects. The main application has a powerful filter utility to find the specific studies involved in your research. An Advanced Query Module is available at no extra charge for higher level database query activities.